July 22, 2016

Want to Get Better at Mixing? – Mixing Documentary PT 7

Hello Friends,

If you did not read last weeks Blog entry I encourage you to spend a few minutes reading it, then come back to this post. Click the link below to read all about it!

This week we will finish up the vocals!

Remember, the more you practice the better you will become. Also, invest in your craft. I have a TON of training products that will get your mixing chops to the next level. Check them out


As always, practice, practice, practice

Happy Mixing!

David Vignola

One Response to “Want to Get Better at Mixing? – Mixing Documentary PT 7”

  1. Hey David,

    I really enjoyed these training videos. I've been working as a voice over talent for upwards of a decade now, but I've never taken the initiative to build an in-home studio. Typically I record here: http://www.cmdnyc.com/audio-post-production/professional-recording-studio
    However, lately I've been thinking about moving back out west, and recording / mixing on my own. I'm confident I'll figure out the mixing, but do you have any basic advice on setting up a home studio?


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