Beginner "MADE EASY" Training Courses

If you are new to recording, mixing, and mastering music then you are in the right place! All the courses on this page are for the absolute beginner. 


Mixing Beginners 3-Pack

The perfect starting point for someone that is new to mixing. Three courses bundled into 1 training product and at a 30% savings. Over 13 hours of total training. If you are new to the craft of mixing then this package is definitely for you.

NOTE - Coupon Codes do not apply to this coursepack. Regular Price - $291


Mixing Made Easy Vol 1 Beginners

This is where I recommend you should start if you are new to mixing. The complete beginners guide to mixing music in any DAW. If you are new to mixing then this course is for you. Only using stock plugins so there is nothing extra to purchase. 5 hours of training. Audio files included so you can mix the song and many other FREE bonuses.

$97 - Click For More Info

How to Use EQ Made Easy

The complete beginners guide to understanding and using EQ effectively. Over 3 hrs of video training. We compare both stock and 3rd party EQ plugins. Audio files and EQ frequency guide included. If you struggle to understand and using EQ effectively then this is the place to start.

$97 - Click For More Info

Mixing Drums Made Easy

Mix drums in any DAW. Over 6 hours in length. Learn several different techniques to give your drums a HUGE & professional sound. Work on both "studio" recorded drums as well as "Live" recorded drums. All audio files included.

$97 - Click For More Info

Mastering Made Easy

The complete beginners guide to mastering music in ANY DAW! Nearly 4 hours of video training. Many concepts & techniques shown! Learn the fundamentals of mastering and how it can help you.

$97 - Click For More Info

Compression Made Easy

The complete beginners guide to demystifying &understanding and using compression. Over 3 hours of training. Learn how-to "listen" for compression. Compare both stock and 3rd party plugins. 

$97 -Click for More Info

Recording Drums Made Easy

The complete beginners guide to recording acoustic drums in the home studio. Seven hours of training with 7 different mic techniques demonstrated. Learn many techniques including how to properly set up & tune drums.

$97 - Click For More Info

Level Up Your Mixing Skills FAST & EASY

Unlock the secrets to mastering the art of mixing with unparalleled speed. Imagine having a personal coach guiding you through every step of the way, alongside a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to enhancing their mixing prowess. Get ready to skyrocket your mixing skills to the next level. Visit now and start your journey towards sonic perfection today!


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