Taken From the 2019 LIVE Mixing Webinar on YouTube. Over 7 Hours of Video Instruction. Includes Audio Files and full Q&A Sessions

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Here Are Just a Few Things You Will Learn in This Course.....

Using Waves CLA Mix Hub

We focused primarily on the Waves CLA Mix Hub along with a few other plugins to show that you can get a great mix with a simple channel strip and achieve that SSL vibe.

Many Mixing Techniques Discussed

I spent a lot of time focusing in on very specific mixing techniques. We did a lot of A/B listening and I tech you how to listen for certain problem areas in the mix and how to fix them. 

Mixing a Song From Start To Finish

We mix an entire song from start to finish using all the plugins demonstrated in this course. All the audio files are included so you can mix along with me. This is a very "hands on" course.


Over 7 Hours of Training & Audio Files Included

This course is taken from the 5-week LIVE Webinar I recorded on YouTube in early 2019. You see the entire unedited webinar from start to finish, including the Q&A sessions. You will also receive the audio files so you can follow along and mix the song as well.



Works With Any DAW On Mac & PC

Regardless of the DAW you are using these concepts and techniques will work. Just follow the course step by step.


See Full Q&A Sessions

Each week after I did the mixing tutorial portion I stayed on LIVE for about an hours taking questions from students. you get to see the full sessions each week. We discuss everything from studio gear, mixing techniques, plugins, business topics etc. There is a lot fo cool discussion and topics covered. 


FREE $30 Training Course

Get the June 2019 training course from the "Learning To Mix" catalog. These course are no longer available to the general public. This is an additional 3+ hours of training with the audio files so you can mix the song as well! 

I attended this webinar when David did it on YouTube and it was really great! I am really glad to see that he made it a course for us to purchase as I wanted to mix this song as well. David is a fantastic teacher and every-time I watch him I learn something new. 
— Jonathan Moriese 

Mixer  / Home Studio Owner

I only got to see the first week of the LIVE YouTube series as I work nights. I was happy to see that this is now offered as a full course so I can watch the entire series. David's always does a top notch job and all of his courses are worth every penny!
— Stan

Lucky Star Studios



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