The Advanced Guide Programming MIDI Drums Parts in Any DAW

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Here Are Just a Few Things You Will Learn in This Course.....

3 Hours of Video Training

This amazing course is taught by Jonny Lipsham. Jonny has been programming MIDI drum parts for music for nearly 20 years. This course picks up from where Vol1 left off. You will learn more advanced techniques to really help spice up your MIDI drum parts.

Make Your MIDI Parts Sound Real

Making your drum parts sound like a real drummer and not a drum machine is the key to great drum parts. Jonny show you many tips & tricks to get real authentic sounding drums.

Audio Files Included

All the audio files used in the course are provided so you can follow along with Jonny in your DAW of choice so you become comfortable with the techniques Jonny teaches.


Works With Any DAW


Regardless of your DAW this course will work for you. This course is all about you becoming fully comfortable with programming basic MIDI drum parts for your music. By the end of this course you will have the knowledge to make really great "convincing" drum parts for your songs. 



Provided in this course is Jonny's MIDI Drum Map. This is a great aid to helping you program drum parts on a MIDI keyboard controller.

“This course was really inspiring and helpful. I am glad to see that David is having different instructors teach some courses. Jonny's approach in teaching this course was super easy to follow and I now have a much better understanding on how to program basic MIDI drums parts. Great job Jonny. I enjoyed this one”
— Jack 

Musician, Songwriter

“I am a singer / songwriter that creates demos for my band. I write mostly on acoustic guitar and record my parts into Garage Band on my mac. I wanted to be able to lay down a basic drum beat to record along too and I wanted to be able to do it in MIDI so I could change things within the drum part after the fact. I saw this course on David's Facebook page and I decided to give it a try. I found Jonny to be a really good instructor and this course was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can program basic parts, record along to those parts and provide my band with a demo. Thanks for making such an easy training course to follow.”
— Sandra Lee Maxwell 

Musician / Songwriter 



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