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The Complete Beginners Guide to Mixing Music in Any DAW Using Stock Plugins

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I know this course will absolutely help you. However, if you for some reason you did not find it valuable or you simply did not like the course, then I am happy to refund your money. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose! Just send me an e-mail and I'll take good care of you. - David Vignola

Here Are Just a Few Things You Will Learn in This Course.....

How to Setup a Mixing Session

We start from the very beginning. I show you how to import your audio into your DAW, organize, edit and set up a workflow in your session. I teach this assuming that you have never mixed in a DAW before. There are many helpful tips, tricks and time savers in this course.

How To Use Your Stock Plugins

We use only the stock plugins that came with your DAW so there is no 3rd party plugins to purchase. We cover the basic function on how to use EQ, compression, reverb, delay and more.

Mix Entire Song Together From Start to Finish

Together, we mix and entire song. I take you through every track, plugin, concept and technique in real time. All is shown in a "non technical" way so it's really easy to follow along. This is like you being in the control room with me while we mix a song. 

How to Use EQ & Compression Effectively

The two most important tools we have in mixing. I show you a very simple and easy way to use EQ & Compression to make your tracks sound professional. Bonus PDF EQ & Compression Guides are included in this course. ($40 value) 

Make Your Mixes Sound Like Mixes Heard on The Radio!

In this course, I show you how with just a couple of plugins and some ear training you can produce mixes that sound like the mixes that are heard on the radio.

How to Use Reference Tracks to Improve Your Mixing Skills

Using a commercially released song as a "reference" is one of the secrets to achieving a professional-sounding mix. I show you a very simple trick to using reference tracks in every mixing session you'll ever do!


Works With Any DAW


Regardless of your DAW this course will work for you. This course was designed for people who have little to no experience in mixing music. I teach this in a very non-technical way so you will not feel intimidated or over-whelmed. 


Audio Files Included 

All Audio files are included so you can mix the song right along with me. This is the best way for you to get comfortable with the mixing process. Works on both Mac & PC.


FREE Bonus Guides

There are three FREE guides to help you through the mixing process. EQ Frequency Guide, Basic Guide to Compression and My Personalized Mixing Checklist. ($40 Value) 

Your Coach: David Vignola

I specialize in teaching beginners the craft of recording, mixing, and mastering music in the home studio environment and in a non-technical way.

I take you step-by-step and give you a simple-to-follow process. I am here to relieve all your frustrations and make your experience of working in your home studio an enjoyable one! 

A little about me: I have been a professional mixing engineer since the mid-'90s and have mixed hundreds of songs for clients all over the world. Since 2014, I have been teaching home recording musicians aspiring audio engineers of all experience levels how to set up and use their home studios effectively. 

“I found Mixing Made Easy to be a great help to me as I am new to mixing my music at home in my small studio. What I originally thought would be an over whelming and a stressful process was made very easy with David's teachings. He is now my go to person for my home studio training needs. Thanks David”
— Shmar Obleck


“Coming from the good old days a mixing on an analog console I struggled to start mixing in the computer using plugins. I know this is what everyone is doing today but I was finding the transition difficult until I found David's mixing course. After watching the first few sections of the course I knew that I had found the right instructor. David's way of explaining the process to someone who is new to the world of computer mixing is a real gift. It's clear that he know what he is doing and he understands that he is speaking to newbies. I found this course extremely helpful and I now feel confident working with my DAW and mixing my music. ”
— Jack Clearmount

Old Musician in a New World



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