Two Mixing Engineers Mix the Same Song Using Very Different Approaches. 

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Here Are Just a Few Things You Will Learn in This Course.....

Over 8 Hours of Video Training

Watch Johnny Gieb & David Vignola mix the same song from start to finish using two completely mixing approaches. You will see many different techniques between these two engineers which you can incorporate into your workflow.

Stock vs 3rd Party Plugins

In this course you will see Johnny use only stock plugins and David will use only 3rd party plugins. You get to hear the final mix of each and decide for yourself which you like best. Does one sound better than another? You be the Judge.

Mix Entire Song Together From Start to Finish

Just like in Vol 1 & Vol 2 we mix and entire song together from start to finish. We walk you through every concept, technique and plugin. You get to hear first hand what each mixing engineer is thinking and how he goes about the mix. 


Works With Any DAW


Regardless of your DAW this course will work for you. This course was designed for people of all experience levels. Johnny will be doing a more beginners / simplistic style mix and David will be doing a more advanced concepts / techniques mix. Regardless of your experience level you will get a lot out of this course. 


Audio Files Included 

All Audio files are included so you can mix the song right along with us. This is the best way for you to get comfortable and get the most ur of this course. Works on both Mac & PC.


Build Your Own Workflow & Mixing Style

This course is purposely designed in a way to show the student that there are many different ways to go about a mix. Everything from plugin choice to the routing of audio there is no "right" way but a lot of personal preference. We encourage you to take what you like from both engineers and build that into your own workflow. This will also help you develop your own mixing style and sound.

“Out of all of the mixing series Vol 3 was my favorite. I really liked having two engineers share their perspective. Seeing how different David's mix was from Johnny's was very cool and I must say that in the end I liked them both for different reasons. Great job boys! I really did learn a lot and highly recommend this course.”
— Jack Porter

Musician / Mixing Engineer

“This course was a lot of fun to go through and I really liked the song they mixed. I love the fact that they provided the audio files so I could mix the song too. Both these guy's have a great teaching style and I have been following both of them for a couple of years online. I was happy to see them team up to make this mixing course. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a fresh perspective and broaden their own mixing skills.  ”
— Lucy Maxton

Song Writer / Mixer



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