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Have Your Mixing Skills "Plateaued"?

Do Your Mixes Sound "Stale"?

Does Your Mix Lack a "Pro" Sound & Feel?



What is The Mixing Master Class For?

This master class is for intermediate/advanced students who are ready to get paid for their mixing skills or want their mixes to compete with songs heard on the radio. A minimum of 1 year of mixing experience is recommended before taking this mixing master class. Watch the video to learn more.


Your Coach: David Vignola

I have been a professional mixing engineer since the mid 90's and have mixed hundreds of songs for clients all over the world. Since 2014, I have been teaching aspiring audio engineers of all experience levels the craft of mixing.

In this Master Class course, I will show you the insider tips, tricks, and concepts that were taught to me by world-famous mixing engineers, and are the secrets to achieving radio-ready mixes.

What Skills Will You Learn From This Course?

By the end of this master class, you will have the mixing skills to:

Get Paid For Your Mixing

Gain the knowledge & skills necessary to start making money in mixing music.

Make Radio-Ready Mixes

Do your mixes complete with commercial releases? They will after this course.

Learn How The Pros Mix

Learn insider techniques that professional mixing engineers really use but rarely talk about. 

Master Class Package Pricing Options

Pick a package that fits your budget. Welcome to the Master Class!



Regular Price - $254 - Save 42%

$107 of Total Savings

Lifetime Access 

Over 9 hrs of training (18 video sections)

Audio Files Included

FREE Mix Critique Video ($60 value)

1 FREE Course From H.R.M.E. catalog or website credit for a future course (you choose $47 value)

Available July 1st 2021



Regular Price - $447 - Save 55%

$251 of Total Savings

Everything in BASIC PAckage plus..

Lifetime Access

Bonus "Automation" Video ($47 value)

 Add 2nd FREE Course From H.R.M.E. catalog or website credit for a future course (your choice $47 value)

FREE 30 min SKYPE Call ($50 value)

Available July 1st 2021



Regular Price - $732 - Save 60%

$435 of Total Savings

Everything in Basic /Advanced Package plus.....

Lifetime Access

Bonus "Mastering" Video ($47 value)

Add 3rd FREE Course From H.R.M.E. catalog or website credit for a future course (your choice $47 value) 

FREE 60 min Skype Call ($90 value)

Available July 1st 2021

Student Testimonials

Listen to what some of my top students said about the mixing master class.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not! I am using Presonus Studio One Professional version 5 but you can use any DAW and you will be just fine!

No! The plugins you have on your system will work just fine as I focus on mixing concepts and techniques that apply to any plugins. Having said that, I do make some plugins suggestions in the master class that I feel are worth you taking a look at and demoing for yourself. However, you certainly don't need them. 

Yes, you can absolutely do that, no worries! I actually encourage you to do this. Especially if you are looking to mix client projects for money!! Show them what you can do!

I highly recommend that you have at least 1 year of mixing training/experience and have a basic understanding of how to use EQ and Compression effectivelty. 

Simple. All you need to do is send me a quick email and let me know which package you purchased and which courses you want to be added to your account. The ADVANCED Package gets. a total of 2 FREE courses and the PRO Package gets you a total of 3 FREE courses! 

At this time, the master class can only be viewed on our website. The course will be in the "My Library" section and you have lifetime access to the master class 24/7. The audio files and PDFs are downloadable right away, just not the videos. We are working to make downloading an option in the future. 

Simple. Just send me an email with your time zone and best days/times for you and I will get back to you within a day or so and we can schedule a time to hook up!


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