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Mixing Master Class Vol 2 Mixing Contest Prize

1st, 2nd & 3rd place prize packages. Winners announced on 9/15/2024


$2,450 Prize Pack

Winner Will Receive 

 - Icon Pro Audio V1-M Daw Controller ($1,100 value)

- Icon Pro Audio V1-X Extender for V1-M controller ($900 value)

  - KIT Drum VST Plugin ($200 value)

  - KIT BB Chamer Plugins ($150 value)

 - 1 hr coaching call w/ Dave ($97 value)

Mix Submission Deadline 9/1/24


$1,230 Prize Pack

Winner Will Receive

- Presonus DM7 Drum Mic ($300 value)

- Presonus PM2 Mics ($200 value)

 - Presonus Px-1 Condensor Mic ($130 value)

 - IK Multi-Media ARC Room Correction ($300 value)

- KIT Drum VST Plugin ($200 value)

 - 1 hr coaching call w/ David ($97 value)


Mix Submission Deadline 9/1/24

Third Place

$550 Prize Pack

Winner Will Receive

 - KIT BB Chamber Plugin ($150 value)

- Mixing Master Class Vol 1 Pro Course ($300 value)

- Free 1 hr coaching session ($100 value)

Mix Submission Deadline 9/1/24

What is Included & What Will You Learn?

Multi - Track Audio Files

You get all the original raw audio files so you can mix the song yourself & enter the contest.

Analog Mix Course

Watch how I mixed the song in a hybrid workflow with an SSL console, hardware, and plugins.

"ITB" Mix Course

Watch how I mixed the song using only plugins "In The Box". KIT plugins are featured.


With your purchase, you are eligible to submit your mix to our mixing challenge for a chance to win $$$ worth of prizes.

Mixing Contest Sponsors

A special thank you to all of our sponsors who have provided the prize packages for this mixing contest. Click the logo below to visit their websites.

Mixing Contest Rules & Disclaimers

The "Mixing Master Class Vol 2" training course is available for purchase starting on July 15th, 2024. With your purchase, you are automatically eligible to participate in the mixing contest for a chance to win one of the prize packages. 

Your mix must be submitted by September 1st, 2024. All submissions after September 1st will not be included in the contest. Watch the video on this web page to learn how to properly prepare and submit your mix. The three winners will be announced on September 15th, 2024 on this web page and the winners will be contacted via e-mail.  

 - Plugin prize winners, will be sent the license codes via e-mail from Home Recording Made Easy.

- All HRME training course prizes will be deposited into your user account on the HRME website. 

 - All "hard/physical" prizes will be shipped to you directly from Home Recording Made Easy. Free shipping applies to all United States residents only. 

 - International  / Outside the US, the winner is responsible for the costs of import taxes, duties, etc. You need to refer to your specific country's import laws for more information.  

Your Coach: David Vignola

I have been a professional mixing engineer since the mid 90's and have mixed hundreds of songs for clients all over the world. Since 2014, I have been teaching aspiring audio engineers of all experience levels the craft of mixing.

In this Master Class course, I will show you the insider tips, tricks, and concepts that were taught to me by world-famous mixing engineers, and are the secrets to achieving radio-ready mixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not! I am using Presonus Studio One Professional version 6 but you can use any DAW and you will be just fine!

No! Whatever tools you already have will work just fine as I focus on mixing concepts and techniques that apply to any hardware or plugins. Having said that, I do make some plugin suggestions in the course that I feel are worth you taking a look at and demoing for yourself. However, you certainly don't need them. 

It is recommended that students have at least 1-2 years of mixing experience and has a good handle on how to use EQ and compression.

Simple. We will send you an e-mail with the information after the winners have been announced.

Yes! You can either stream the course on the website and/or download it to your computer

Yes, this course will still be for sale in the future even though the mixing contest will have already passed. 

Yes! Of course! Even if you only want to mix the song for fun. Once you purchase the course, you own it forever and can mix the song at your own leisure. 

The course never expires! You own it forever once you purchase it. 


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