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David Vignola 

What People Are Saying:

Very straightforward instruction. David is insightful, creative, and with an awesome workflow. I’ve seen a ton of trainings and videos, but his ability to show a technique, audition a new plugin, or make an important observation about the mix is spot on. I would highly recommend as a great way to improve your skill sets quickly and, make noticeable progress in you mixes. Also, When and how to use analog plugins? ... Amazing! I could go on and on. In a short amount of time my mixes have improved and people are noticing too. Thank you David!

Matthew Bowe

"David, I just finished this mixing course and it is awesome. When I asked you for more advanced info you answered the call. I learned so many new techniques I was shocked. If anyone wants to take their mixing to the next level I highly recommend this course."

Rex Weible