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After you finish mixing your next song, you will need to master it. I can show you how to easily master music in Studio One without having to purchase additional software or plugins. 

Today, I would like to offer you my Mastering Made Easy course for 50% off. Today only you only pay $47. Click the box to add it to your order

Mixing Hybrid Pop / Rock - Basic

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David Vignola 

What People Are Saying:

Hey David - I just finished watching your courses and all I can really say is WOW! I really have no words for what I just watched. all I can say is thank you very much David for your products are always affordable and so helpful. I own all the Made Easy courses and every time I re-watch them I catch something new. You have helped me enormously over the last year as I knew nothing about mixing and mastering and now when I am talking with my friends and producers I can hold my own. Cheers David and God Bless

Prince Bantu

Dear Mr Vignola - I just finished taking EQ and Compression Made Easy as well as Mixing Made Easy Vol 1 & 2. these are by far comprehensive video training series on mixing I have come across. I really appreciate the natural work flow and your presentation goes way beyond the dry technical facts. what is most impressive is how you share your professional experience and knowledge with us in a detailed yet easy-to-understand way. I simply can't thank you enough.

Daniel G