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"From Sterile Sounding Digital to Warm Punchy Analog in Your DAW"

Today most people are mixing in their home studios in a DAW, completely in the digital domain. One of the major downsides to working in the digital domain is that our mixes sound sterile and they dont have any vibe, character or warmth. They lack the sound of our favorite records that were recorded in large studios on analog consoles and analog hardware. 

To combat this problem, plugin manufactures have developed plugins that emulate the sound and character of the most popular analog hardware ever created. These plugins add back that warmth and vibe to our digital recordings. The issue is that unless you understand how to use these types of plugins and how to re-think the layout of your DAW, your mixes will not improve. They will actually sound even worse. 

This is where MIXING WITH ANALOG STYLE PLUGINS MADE EASY will help! In this nearly 13 hrs series I show you how to effectively use analog style plugins to make your mixes come to life! Everything you ever wanted to know about these types of tools, we are going to discuss in great detail through out this series. Here is a layout of the entire course:

Section 1 - "The Sound of Analog Bliss"

Section 2 - "Turning You Daw into a Analog Studio"

Section 3 - "Tape Machine Plugins. We Compare Several Types"

Section 4 - "Console Emulation Plugins. We Compare Several Types"

Section 5 - "Channel Strip Mixing. We Look At Many Channel Strip Plugins"

Section 6 - "Analog EQ Plugins. We Look at Several and Compare"

Section 7 - "Analog Compressor Plugins. We Look at Several and Compare"

Section 8 - "Analog Reverb & Delay Plugins

Section 9 - "Mixing an Entire Song Using All Analog Plugin Emulations"

Section 10 - "Final Thoughts and Tips / Tricks

MIXING WITH ANALOG STYLE PLUGINS MADE EASY is the ultimate training course for people who want to learn how to effectively use these style of plugins so you can get the most out of them. Wether you don't have these types of plugins yet and are looking to purchase some or wether you are someone who already has these analog style plugins but want to better understand how you use them in the most effective way, this training course will help you. Before you purchase another plugin, you need to watch this series!


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