Mixing Made Easy Vol 3

Welcome to MIXING MADE EASY VOL 3!  In this training course we are providing something very different to any other mixing training course on the market. In this course you will see two professional audio mixing engineer's mix the same song using completely different approaches and tools. 

In part 1 watch Johnny Gieb from The Home Studio Trainer mix a song using what he calls a "minimalist approach" using only the stock plugins that came with his DAW. Johnny takes through the mix from start to finish and teaches you how to use limitations to help you achieve a great mix with out becoming overwhelmed. No fancy 3rd party plugins or sound replacement here. Learn to take the tracks that you have and work through them with a simple but effective method. What you will find is that achieving a great mix has little to do with the tools but how you use them and Johnny shares all his inside knowledge and 20+ years of experience to get amazing results. Perfect for both a complete beginner who has little to no mixing experience to a more advance student who has been mixing for a while. Regardless, you will learn a TON from Johnny in this series!

In part 2 watch David Vignola from Home Recording Made Easy mix the same song as Johnny but this time using all 3rd party plugins and more advanced mixing techniques. David shows you what the addition of 3rd party plugins can do to take you mix to an entirely new level. If you are someone who wants to achieve and more analog vibe to your mixes, then this is absolutely the training course for you! David uses plugins from different manufactures such as Waves, Universal Audio, Slate Digital, FabFilter and more. There is a reason why the sound of your favorite records sound the way they do and David shows you in detail how to achieve that same sound and vibe. Perfect for all levels of experience as David teaches this series from a beginners perspective. 

So there you have it! Two engineers mixing the same music in two completely different ways! This is your opportunity to look over the shoulder of 2 professionals and see "behind the curtain" Mixing Made Easy Vol 3 is a totally unique training course that will give you the knowledge you need to improve your mixies immediately. 


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