Recording in Presonus Studio One Artist Made Easy

Developed For Presonus new ultimate recording studio bundle package - RECORDING IN STUDIO ONE ARTIST MADE EASY is a training series that assumes that you do not have any recording experience at all or if you have no recording experience using Studio One Artist. This is a perfect training series for someone who has moved to Studio One from another DAW or for someone who is setting up their first home studio and need help getting started. 

 Based around the AudioBox USB 96 interface, I will teach you on how to do everything from hooking up your hardware to your computer, install and register your software with Presonus, record a short song using only the equipment that comes with the Presonus Recording Studio Bundle which includes an AudioBox USB, Presonus microphone, headphones and 7 year old laptop. 

This series is over 3 hours in length and has 14 video sections. All is filmed in HD to give you the best in audio and video quality. There is nothing on the market quite like this and this series was developed along with Presonus to ensure that we produced the best training product available.

Whether you have switched from another DAW to Studio One or if you are brand new to home recording, this series is for you. You do not need any prior experience to recording at home in your own studio. I take you set by step through the entire process and I explain everything in a simple and easy way to understand. I really tried to focus on someone who is at the beginner level and I made sure I left no stone un-turned. 


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