Quick Mix June 2018

This month we are mixing a blues / rock ballad by the band RED TAIL HAWK and the song is called "Cherry Hill". This month I am featuring mostly all Slate Digital plugins as a ton of my students have the Slate Digital bundle pack and I want to show you that you can achieve a great mix with just these plugins. 

I am also showing off a brand new EQ plugin that is amazing for beginners to help them understand which frequencies to focus in on when processing their tracks. This plugin is by the company Abletunes and it is really a great EQ!

The video tutorial this month runs a little over and hour. There were a few challenges this month as well so I discuss in detail how I went about over-coming them. As always, the DAW and plugins that you have on your system does not matter nearly as much as the concepts and techniques I teach through out this tutorial, so I hope you enjoy this months mix!

Disclaimer - I am not selling the music in the series. What you are paying for is my video tutorial. The .wav files are free and can be download from other sharing websites as well. Thank you


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