Mixing Made Easy Vol 2

Ok, here it is! Pick up where Vol 1 left off & then goes way beyond. Over 10 hours in length, MIXING MADE EASY VOL 2 will absolutely take your mixes to the next level. Want to know what separates an amateur mix from a professional mix? It's all the different concepts included in MME Vol 2

Here are the topics that are new to MME Vol 2

14 Videos, PDF's, .wav files, David's 12-step Plan

Early Reflections discussed

Parallel Compression on all instruments

EQ Filtering

Drum Phase Correction

The 3-D Sound Field

Vintage Processing with Channel Strip Plugins

Selective Vintage EQ and Compression Techniques

David's 12-Step Mixing Plan

You will also receive the audio WAV files so you can mix along with me and a this entire course PDF files for future reference.


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