Quick Mix March 2018

Welcome to The Quick Mix Series! This month we are mixing a song by the band Phat Hat. This is a LIVE performance of the 80's cover tune "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News.   This month I am using a new Waves plugin, the Andrew Schepps signature series Omni Channel Strip. See how one great plugin can make a mix come to life! I also used some sample replacement on the drums and a brand new reverb plugin by Universal Audio!

Regardless of the plugins you have it really is all about the concepts and techniques and not so much the plugins themselves. You will receive a 60 min training video as well as the audio files for the session so you can mix the song with me.

Enjoy this months Quick Mix and HAPPY MIXING!

Disclaimer - I am not selling the music in the series. What you are paying for is my video tutorial. The .wav files are free and can be download from other sharing websites as well. Thank you


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