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Premium Training For All Skill Levels of Audio Engineers

Never has it been easier to improve your recording, mixing and mastering skills

The “MADE EASY SERIES”  are training courses tailored for beginner and intermediate level audio engineers as well as recording musicians who are interested in learning the craft of recording, mixing and mastering. My teaching style in these courses is to explain concepts and techniques in very basic terms without becoming too technical. I go into great depth and explain things in a very easy way that even a true beginner will understand. I show you not just “WHAT” I am doing but “WHY” I am doing it. This is really what sets the MADE EASY SERIES apart from other training products on the market. I have designed this series to give you the most “bang for your buck” that you will find anywhere, Period! These training courses are truly an amazing value and regardless of the skill level you are at today, you will absolutely find a lot of tips, tricks and techniques. I hope you enjoy the “MADE EASY SERIES”.

The “QUICK MIX SERIES” is a supplement to the ‘MADE EASY SERIES” training courses. This is an even more affordable way for people to get training on mixing audio. Each month I add a new “QUICK MIX SERIES” course which includes a 60-90 min video tutorial of how I mixed one specific song. Also included are the audio WAV files so you can import them into your DAW of choice and mix along with me. I will cover a different style of music each month along with a different set of tools and techniques to achieve a great sounding mix. This way you will be exposed to different concepts and tools each month.


All MADE EASY & QUICK MIX courses will play on both MAC & PC

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