The Beginners Guide To Mastering Music in The Home Studio Environment

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Here Are Just a Few Things You Will Learn in This Course.....

3 Hours of Video Training

Many mastering techniques show in detail. Everything from mastering a single song to a collection of songs together. 

How to Listen For Compression & EQ

The listening section is truly the key to a successful mastering project. This is where every other course on the market falls short. I teach you how to listen. Trust me, you will thank me once you go through this section. 

Stock vs 3rd Party Plugins

We compare the use of stock vs 3rd party plugins for mastering. You will hear what the differences are and then you can decide if it's worth upgrading some plugins in your collection.


Works With Any DAW


Regardless of your DAW this course will work for you. This course is all about you becoming fully comfortable with the mastering process. There is no additional software to purchase and it all can be done right in your DAW.


No Special Mastering Software Required 

Many people think you need a separate mastering software to master music. I show you how you can do your mastering right inside the DAW you currently use. 


FREE  8 Step Mastering Checklist ($20 value) 

Along with this course you will receive my 8-step mastering checklist absolutely FREE. This will help you in ensuring that you get the most out of your mastering process and make your project sound it's best.

“This course was really great. I always thought I needed to export my mix into a mastering suite which is a real pain. I was happy to see that I could do it all with in my DAW which happens to be Cubase 8. If you are new to mastering your music then I would recommend this course for sure. David is a great instructor.”
— Scotty Woz 

Musician, Songwriter, Engineer

“I am just a weekend warrior hobby musician who writes and records my own music. I have several of David's mixing course which a amazing btw. Once I had my songs mixed I wanted to see if mastering would help add that last 15% on my sound. So I picked up david's Mastering course and I was happy to see that this course was as impressive as his mixing courses. I could definitely hear a difference once I properly masters my tracks.  I highly recommend this course!  ”
— Johnathan Corsette 

Musician / Songwriter 



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