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Really enjoying your Made Easy series and your teaching style, it works for me. I have a song I’ve been working on, it’s a collaboration from folks literally around the world, we’re all part of a group from Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar taught by Steve Krenz, Steve is session guitar player in Nashville and created the Learn and Master Guitar series.

Anyway, several of us try to create a song form scratch taking on different parts each time, I choose the mixing part on this one, # 12 by the way. That’s really how I found you, searching for help on YouTube for this mix, really glad I did. Couldn’t believe I got that much content for the price.

Once this song is complete I’ll reference your website with a link and very high recommendation of your product. Thank you again!


Hi, I’ve been searching a long while for something like this. I’ve tried many different tutorials in the past but,

Yours are absolutely “spot on” they have the flow & continuity needed to learn efficiently With the samples and everything you need to carry out the “follow along” format you use It makes the video’s intuitive and adds a bit of fun to learning. Amazed at how much I’ve learnt In a few session’s.

Dave....a very happy customer

By far and beyond THE best mixing tutorials I’ve ever seen. I’m going remix all my own projects again – using all I’ve learnt. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this course had helped me…or how grateful I am. Eternal thanks, David.

Shaun Liddell - Infinite Monkey (UK)

This is a great value to start learning ‘Mixing/EQ/Compression’ in a pack that covers essential areas that are the most important and they will benefit you immediately! These areas are very important to start mixing and applying common techniques and instantly get great results right away for your songs! I own all of David’s tutorial series, and they are packed with tons of very useful techniques and information…I can’t express enough how important it is to invest in your learning and eliminate the guessing game when it comes to mixing songs! I am so glad I found these ‘Recording Made Easy’ series, and they have helped me improve tremendously, and I highly suggest any of David’s series! Do yourself a favor and get one of his packs, or start with a single series such as ‘Mixing Made Easy’ and watch them and apply what you learn and see for yourself how much these series will help you be on your way to mixing awesome music!

Lee Hazlewood

Hi David,

I’m only on the second lesson, but it’s like you are right here tutoring me on how to get everything set up from the ground up.

I have had studio one for several years but never really used it beyond recording a guitar and vocal with a drum loop and it really didn’t sound good because I didn’t know how to edit or mix.

Just having everything organized, color coded, and hooking up my glyph drive makes me happy. I work full time and have a 3 year old with me so it will probably take me a while to get through all the videos, but I am feeling very encouraged and inspired to move ahead and finally make some music.

Thank You So Much,

Johnny in New Orleans​

I am a new user to studio one 3, and I can say that I was more than a little daunted trying to use it! But then, along came your instructional series, and I have now been able to get a great sound that even the band are impressed with! The easy and relaxed way that you explain things, and in a way that a beginner user like myself can feel like he is producing major stars in the music biz has given me confidence to experiment and try different things. I highly recommend this product to beginners and more advanced users, as Dave has many little tricks and shortcuts that you may not even realise are available! And one of the best bits? The price. Fair, reasonable and LOW.

I have contacted you previously regarding the recording side of the program, and look forward to purchasing anything that you may put out regarding that side of things. Please feel free to edit and use this email for a testimonial on your site, because you have a great product, and people need to hear about it.

All the best mate, to you and your family,

Dave Beacon

‘m a very basic beginner just setting up a hobby studio and got a link to download the Studio One series for free after purchasing the Version 3 Pro Edition. “Here we go with a bunch of sales pitch dribble for a product I already purchased” is what i was thinking. However, I had some time to kill, so i set it up to stream to my TV and ended up watching the whole set over two evenings. There was so much good information there for a beginner like me. I will definitely be purchasing more of your instructional videos but I’m still digesting all that I got from this one for now.


Jody Rudolph

Hi David
I am still going through this product and even though I’ve seen many studio 1 videos and owned studio 1 for a year with frequent use of the software I cb say there are things demonstrated that I wasn’t aware of. It’s more than worth the full asking price I my book. Well done and hopefully as I continue my journey through you’re course I will learn more. The reverb section is the one I just completed and after hours of videos and scratching of head I found you’re trying helped me fully understand it.


Really well done, I utilize other reference material to help me with my overall music production tasks but your product was the glue, the missing component that brought it all together. I am really looking forward to seeing what other tutorials are in your catalog. I was sharing with a musician friend of mine the other day about your product easily competes with the other (much more expensive) tutorials I have purchased from the competition.

Frank G

Hi Dave:

I want you to know that your tutorial for Studio One 3 is the BEST of any I have ever bought or received free. You started right at the beginners level and that was what I needed. I have had Studio one since version 1.3 and could never get past square one.

I have already contacted Presonus and told them what a wonderful tutorial yours is, I said it is worth much more and I can now run Studio One so Pro Tools is off my learn list!!!!!!! Thank you.

Best Regards,

Michael Callahan

I can tell you right now that you’re videos are excellent. For me, I know a little bit about EQ, Compression, recording, mixing, etc just enough to “be dangerous.”

Your teaching style is the right pace for me. Since I have 2 years experience with Studio One v2 (just got v3) I can remember much of what you say. I think that you prepared exceptionally well to make your videos and they are crystal clear. Like most of your viewers, I will have to rewind and look at them again after I’ve done some more mixing on my own tracks/songs, just to refresh what I have learned from you, have forgotten or didn’t fully understand the first time viewing.

Keep up with what you’re doing. It works for me, and I suspect, most other viewers, too. Your teaching skills are a Godsend to the normal guy or gal who are musicians and have little time or desire to attack the sometimes complex world of recording engineering. Presonus is lucky that they found you to help them train their customers which will undoubtedly increase sales and loyal customers for them.


Hi David,

These videos are awesome! I’m brand new to recording, didn’t know a thing! The how too and the why’s the detailed explanation is everything you to get rocking. Step by step, I loved it!


Hi David
Just a quick thank you for your excellent tutorial series on entry level Studio One 3 pro DAW.  Your presentation was very professional, and really gave me a whole new set of tools to navigate and use S1-3.  I have been using the DAW mainly to prepare MP3 backing tracks for live duo work, but did not appreciate some of the easy streamlining features that you explained so well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions and highly recommend them to any other new users.
Thanks again for a fantastic product.



The studio one 3 home recording made easy program is excellent and has dramatically improved my learning curve.  I certainly would have paid more for dvd’s.  But I’m happy to have this.



Hi David
I was going to send email anyway to thank you for this product. You have done a great service for the home enthusiast, and although I am just up to Lesson 5, I have learned so much so far. I have printed out the EQ Cheat Sheet, which is great, do you have an extended version of this by any chance that covers all instruments [ reeds, brass, strings piano etc etc.?

I like the fact that all the EQ/Compressor modules are Presonus Studio One devices.

Is there anything coming up in your course that covers Reverb ?

Thanks again


Mr. Vignola,
I haven’t had all the time I need to go through all of the training.  I have been through a few and let me tell you it is a marvelous series of training.  Exactly what I am going to need to have a better understanding of Studio One 3.

I first heard of you through Johnny Geib’s YouTube vidoes on how to set up recorded tracks.  When your offer came to my email – it was kind of a fate!  I am a little perturbed at PreSonus; not long ago I purchased a StudioLive 32 Ai.  Sweetwater offered $500 off so I hurried to get my finances in order to get one before the price went up.  Now PreSonus is offering the StudioLive with Studio One 3 Professional AND the measurement microphone and another $500 off.  I was feeling left out.

Your offer made me feel that my purchases meant something.  Thanks for that!  I have a pretty long road to haul before I get back to you with your training programs:

Your prices for your products are so reasonable and I get more than I pay for, for that I thank you again.  You will be my go to guy for information in the near future.

Thanks again

Steve Meiman, G-Dawg Audio Salado, Texas

Hi David,

Your instructional videos for Studio One 3 are easy to follow and a great bargain for the price!




I haven’t finished yet but I really like your style (the way and the things your talking about),  it sounds really honest and it’s full of information. Great! And for the price,  it’s unbeatable.
Thank you.

Louis (French living in Sweden)​

Very concise way of teaching ….. I like it your style …. repeating and driving home points is just what I need
and I learn and retain with this approach.
I can’t believe how much Ive learned in the last few days…
More than the last 2 years of lousy tutorial from the web and youtube….
Keep up the good work … and thank you …. Im looking so forward to my mixes improving vastly

Mike Greenwood

I absolutely love the Studio One Made Easy series. I have taken several online courses from a highly respected university and David’s teaching is tantamount to that received at a university. I’m not fabricating one bit. I learned more in three days with this session than I have in seven months watching other videos and self experimentation sessions. I encourage anyone to purchase this that wants to learn audio engineering the right way. I am going to purchase his bundle series in the near future. These prices are insane. The amount of quality and information received for the price is unfathomable. He really has a gift for teaching and I’m glad he is sharing it with the world.

Walter Waters - August 2015

I love the mastering made easy it open the doors to how mastering music works. The way you teach for me helps me to understand how a particular process works. After going over your tutorials over and over help open up my eyes to understand the basics to mixing, eqing, compression, and mastering. Hope you keep the made easy series going cause any tutorials you put out will help me be better at my craft.

Thanks David,

Jeff McKenzie

Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You for these wonderful products.  I am approaching my retirement years (58) and have found a new passion in playing my guitar again and diving into audio recording.  I purchased a DAW a few years ago along with interface gear and collaborate with my drummer brother by beginning to share files through the internet.  Additionally, I have recorded his three-man blues band in practice sessions.  I discovered your products and purchased all three.  I am practicing what I have learned on these recordings by applying EQ and mixing techniques to these recordings.  I am self taught in most things I do, and your products are excellent for this purpose.  I have made it through most of the EQ and Mixing videos.  Have not started on the Mastering bundle yet.  I can’t believe the price and the quality and content are superb!  Thanks for offering these quality products at this price.  I have an electrical engineering degree and find the theory not too challenging.  What was missing for me was the practical side and you provide that.  I am able to work and learn at my own pace.

Thanks again for your products and I look forward to following your site for new insights.

Mark Workman; Chillicothe, OH

If you have found it a struggle to learn mixing technique, here are a series of videos that are unlike any others. You watch the screen of a pro as he mixes a song from start to finish. I learned many tips I had not seen anywhere else. Highly recommended!

Vilis Stomers

I purchased your “Mixing Made Easy” about 4 or 5 months ago due largely to the fact I had no idea what I was doing. Knew how to play and record (somewhat), but not mixing. Man, did I learn a thing or three about mixing. I had no idea how to get the drum parts to sound the way they do on “professional” recordings…….but thanks to the Made easy series, I learned about ‘parallel drum compression’ and now the drums sound much, much better……Thank you!!

Russ Aughinbaugh

Hi David,

This video has really helped me to see how to have workable mixing strategy. I especially appreciate the value of how much and when to use equalization and compression shown in this series. I liked the simple and straight forward manner it was presented.

John in New Jersey

Hey David,

Managed to watch little over 2 hours of it last night! I’m a newbie to S1 and really all of it Daw! Recording, mixing, mastering, etc…… So even the long clean up sections were good to go over and over, seriously. I think you are right in not skipping through too fast just because…. If it’s real and time consuming, I feel good to show that! Also there were different scenarios that came up within that repetition, so good things to see, hear, and examples .

Very much looking fwd to rest of it too! Thanks for making it affordable too, otherwise I may have passed it by personally.

Thanks again,

Greg Ruscigno, GregRband

Hi David,

This video series you have out is really amazing. It has already helped me with my new mix. I was stuck on the guitar parts and thanks to this video I was able to come out with a great mix.

Andy Arthur, Thundercreek studios

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how much I enjoyed your “mixing made easy series”

It has a ton of information and the price is way too low. (you should have charged $60 like others out there).


Hi Dave
The MME really is great bargain. I’ve already watch the whole series and been back to specific parts afterward. I’m currently using your principle in my new mix, and it’s a great help, though I’m not using Slate digital products. So far I stick to the plugins in Studio One professional and try to use them as good as possible, especially I use their Softube saturation knob as tabe saturation on all tracks.

Your videos are really easy to follow and your explain the necessary theoretical stuff in a brief and good way. I’m an unexperienced mixer/producer. I’m in this band with my body and we are producing af lot of songs right now and have worked with S1 for about 1½ year, but haven’t work seriously with the mixing process for more than ½ a year. Therefor your videos are so valuable for us. Without them, we would still make the same mistakes again and again.

So thank you.

Your are free to use whatever you want from this mail for your marketing. We can highly recommend your production

Best regards

Jan Gudmann Hansen (from the danish band JAS)

Hello David,
I think the series mixing made easy is great because you went directly to the point with every video, you explained each process in a way that even a beginner could understand. I learn a few things and tricks and Im thankful for that. The one that stood the most was treating the drums as one instrument when it comes to compression, that was killer because I was having some issues with drum compression. Thanks once again for taking the time, Im glad I have the files in my hard drive so whenever I decide to watch it again I can. The price was killer and all the info packed into this video series is definitely worth way more. Thanks for keeping the cost down and helping others succeed at mixing.

Ray Perez

Hi David,
I have often said that if I cold sit next to a pilot and watch what he or she did everyday for a year and could ask questions i could probably fly the plane by the end of the year. Thanks for letting me sit in the chair next you through this mix it was worth more than the fifteen bucks. I really liked how you took the time to point out what the effect of EQ and compression was and not just how to use it. this is how you learn to think like a great mixer you get them to tell you the reason behind their mixing decisions.


Hi David,
I wanted to thank you for ‘Mixing Made Easy’. As a newbie to home recording, I have found it to be a really clear and useful resource. I have probably benefitted most, so far, you’re your excellent guide to gain staging, but I will implement the other ideas you share as well. The couple of mixes I have tried since beginning the series are definitely much better than I could manage previously. Your methodical approach is easy to follow and helped me understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’. All you have to do now is make a ‘Tracking Made Easy’ series and I’ll be as happy as a very happy person indeed!”



You should be ashamed of yourself. You have taken Mixing Made Easy 2.0 , which is probably worth $10,000.00 and you sold it to everybody for $15.00. You have to be crazy. All kidding aside I have never enjoyed a tutorial as much as this one. You have given us a wealth of mixing information for the price of coffee and a donut. I LOVED IT.

Thank You very much.

Danny Miller - 2015

Hi David,

I have purchased all of your videos and love them, great work. My mixes already are greatly improved. I have completed the MME v1 series and have followed along with everything but the UA plugins. I just purchased an Apollo quad satellite based on your recommendation, and will start watching for sales to pick up the additional plugins you talk about in the videos.

As always, appreciate the help. I’ve learned a lot from you, you’re the best.


Hi David,

Thank you for your mail and your support. Let me say one word AWESOME!

I saw the 3 of the videos last night ,after directly purchase, until my eyes closed and I fall to sleep. This is the best tutorial I have ever brought and for 15 dollar man unbelievable. So much details and information the best invest you can do if you want to increase your mixing skills. I brought a lot of tutorials since I started mixing, but not of them was so good. And the way how you explain is very good. Special for me I am not a native speaker but the speed and the words everything is very clear for me.

Yeah now I try to make a new approach regarding mixing my songs and definitely I am going to buy a training session with you. So we can speak about my mix and you can give me more tips. This is what I really need, someone with experience to analyze my mix and says for example: Please ad more … or don´t bring to much reverb…..

David I am a very big fan of what you doing, so let me know if you have something new.

One big topic for me is maybe for other clients, how to make song sound thick with just only drums, one guitar, bass, one vocal I mean what are the possibilities to make one guitar big in a mix..

Yeah we keep in touch thats for sure.

Greetings from Germany.


Hi David,
I just listened to your MME videos that I bought. WOW !!! I’m a beginner (although I am 56 years old …) and bought some products on the net that are goods but yours is way above all of them in my opinion and I dońt say it to  flatter you in any way….

I specially enjoyed the fact that I was kind of sitting next to you while you demonstrate the “thinking” behind every tweaks… and to hear the song take shape as you decided ‘where to stop’ in the tweaking of the tracks. Tracks after tracks… Wow !!! The song that I thought ( well let´s say it wońt make Bilboard 100 …) sounds pretty good finally
At this price, it´s a steal…  I paid $75 for a product that is one tenth of yours…

For the first time, I understand much more what I will have to do to obtain the “sound” I listen in my head for my songs. Once again, congratulations for your videos.

Bertrand Gagnon; Les Hauteurs Quebec, Canada​

As a musician that’s interested in producing “Broadcast Quality” work from a home-based studio, I’ve learned that merely “having a good ear” doesn’t cut just doesn’t cut it. Sure, my friends and family give high accolades for my studio work, but I knew it needed more polish…but how?

I lucked upon Vision Studios tutorials in You Tube, and was impressed with the patient, yet technical and easy-to-understand teachings of David Vignola, owner of Vision Studios.

I made the decision to purchase David’s “Mixing Made Easy – Audio Mixing Tutorial Series” for a whopping $15.00…what a steal! I can say all the mysteries, from proper Gain Staging, to how to properly use a compressor, effects and other plug-ins have been answered for me. I can say my mixes have improved tremendously…David, THANK YOU…for giving us beginners and intermediates a great tutorial product…for the price of a couple of Happy Meals!

Billy Deskin

Hey, just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU for putting together the MME series of videos. You are 100% correct in that $15 is completely reasonable given the info you provided. Just fantastic. I loved your style, I loved that you problem solved, and I appreciated that I am now smarter about mixing than I was before spending the $15. I do not think this sort of info is available on youTube, or if it is, it certainly isn’t as succinct and easily accessible as this course. Its funny how you are aware of how much you go over things – and initially I found the repetition of some of your points a bit “frustrating” (…move on is what I was thinking…), BUT, by the end of the series I found the repetition to be one of the things that really helped me grasp what was going on…it slowed you down, which in turn gave me time to process and understand. And besides, I could always FF a bit if needed! Though I stopped doing this midway through video two.

Thank you very much, my band mates will forever be in your debt!!!

Campbell Thompson

Hi, just wanted to say MAN that’s a good mixing series. I’m usually skeptical about these reviews, as one can never be entirely sure that they aren’t fake and look; here I am writing my own! Anyway, I’ve watched a lot of stuff on groove3, recording revolution etc. and while they are all great and informative and basically covers the same stuff, it was just something with your style of mixing that stuck with me. Easy, but self confident. Loved the focus on gain staging and cleaning up as well.

Money WELL spent!


Hey Dave,
Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a great deal from your Mixing Made Easy video series.  That was easily my most use I’ve got out of $15 in quite some time.  I’ll be sure to check out your Youtube videos going forward (I just subscribed to your channel, actually), as I’m sure you have a lot more information and insight to relay to aspiring audio engineers.  At the end of the last MME video, I know you mentioned how if we had any questions that we could shoot you an email.  Currently, I have none, as I’m going to work with the knowledge I amassed from that video series and apply it to some new recordings soon.  But, if anything comes up, it’s great to know that I’d have you as such a highly capable and informed resource.  Thanks again for the great videos and keep up the fantastic work!

Dan Bauer

I watched Mixing Made Easy 1 and the June Quick Mix over the past 2 nights.  WOW!  Now I have a much better idea why my mixes in the past have always sucked!  I don’t think I was ever subtle with anything.  I would make each track sound full and loud, then try to balance the levels afterwards and tracks would always be fighting each other.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing us how to properly go through the mixing process and how to do it with SUBTLE sound sculpting!  I’m very anxious to get through the mixing 2, EQ and Compressor videos over the next week or so.  And then the new PSO series.

Jason Roberts - Aug 2015

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