The Complete Guide to Mixing Drums to Make Them Sound Their Best

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Here Are Just a Few Things You Will Learn in This Course.....

Audio Files Included

All the audio files are included with this course so you can follow along and mix the same songs that are in this course.

FREE EQ Frequency Guide

Included in this course is a FREE EQ frequency chart to help you with EQ-ing drums. 

Learn About Parallel Compression

One of the secretes of achieving a punchy / lively drum sound is to use a technique called parallel compression. This one mixing technique will make a good drum mix sound GREAT! 


Over 6 Hours of Training With 16 Video Sections

We learn how to mix drums that are recorded both in a recording studio as well as a LIVE venue. Both have their challenges and there are lots of tips on how to make the drums sound amazing and we cover all of it. 


Stock vs 3rd Party Plugins

We compare the sounds differences between mixing drums with both stock plugins that came with your DAW to 3rd party plugins from manufactures like Waves, Slate Digital, Universal Audio and others. 


Works With Any DAW & Plugins. Mac & PC

Regardless of the DAW you have everything in the course can be applied to your setup. Same thing with plugins. You can apply the teachings in this course and achieve amazing results.

“I had purchased David's Recording Drums course and I got so much out of it I decided to pick up the Mixing Drums course as well. There are a lot of help tips in this one and it has me thinking about the way I mix drum tracks in a different way. The section on parallel compression was worth the cost of the course. Very well done David.”
— Shane Vistone

Drummer / Mixer 

“I own a lot of David's Made Easy courses. I have been one of his followers for many years. Every time he releases a new course I pick it up and it never disappoints. Mixing Drums is another home run in my opinion. David's approach to teaching this stuff to "non-pro engineers" like myself is second to none. If you struggle with getting great sounding drum mixes then stop reading now and go pick it up. You won't regret it ”
— Tyler Olsen
“Great job on this one David! Your tips on working with LIVE recorded drums really saved me. I do a lot of live recordings of bands in pubs / bars and the drums are always the most difficult for me to work with. Dealing with all the mic bleed from other instruments makes it a real challenge and I took away a lot of great tips from this course. Money well spent. Thanks again ”
— John Haige 

Live Sound Engineer 



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