Have You Ever Wanted a "Behind the Scenes" Look at How a Professional Engineer Mixes Music? Want to Learn the Secrets That No One Else Will Show? Then, This Course is For You!

Mixing Hybrid is for intermediate/advanced students who are interested in analog equipment used in a hybrid workflow and are ready to get paid for their mixing skills.

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 A minimum of 1 year of mixing experience is recommended before taking this course.

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Analog / Hybrid Workflow Explained

Learn to combine analog & digital in a hybrid workflow.

Radio-Ready Mixes

Elevate your mixes to the standard of commercial releases for a polished, professional sound.

Insider Mixing Techniques

Unlock closely guarded secrets used by top mixing engineers, shared in-depth for your benefit.

Enhanced Listening Skills

Develop a keen ear for nuanced mix elements, critical for making informed mixing decisions.

Learn How The Pros Mix

Insider techniques from professional mixing engineers.


Get Paid For Your Mixing

Skills to start earning money through mixing.

Your Coach: David Vignola

I specialize in teaching beginners the craft of recording, mixing, and mastering music in the home studio environment and in a non-technical way.

I take you step-by-step and give you a simple-to-follow process. I am here to relieve all your frustrations and make your experience of working in your home studio an enjoyable one! 

A little about me: I have been a professional mixing engineer since the mid-'90s and have mixed hundreds of songs for clients all over the world. Since 2014, I have been teaching home recording musicians aspiring audio engineers of all experience levels how to set up and use their home studios effectively. 

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  • Mixing Course, 14 video sections

  • Audio Files so you can mix the song

  • Bonus Video - Interview the artist, w/Brandon Van Allen



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All in BASIC Package plus $500 worth of bonuses

  • Bonus "Automation" Video ($50 value)
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