The Secret To Adding Punch an Vibe to Your Mix

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Here Are Just a Few Things You Will Learn in This Course.....

60 Minutes of Video Training

This course was part of a LIVE webinar I gave in 2018. We spent a little over an hour going through the entire parallel compression process. 

Learn How to Route Audio in DAW

I show you how to strategically route your audio in the DAW to make parallel compression mist effective and give you the most control.

Choosing the Right Compressors

Just as it says above, I show you my technique on how I decide which compressors to use when setting up parallel compression. 


Works With Any DAW


Regardless of your DAW this course will work for you. This course is all about understanding how parallel compression can help your mixes come to life. You will think entirely different about mixing after taking this course.


Use Compression as Tone 

I teach you how to think about compressors as "tone boxes". This concept will give your mixes their own unique sound. This is a very powerful technique that most engineers would never show you. But I will!


Choosing The Proper Compressor 

I show you my technique on how I choose which compressor and why. This is key to having parallel compression be most effective.


If you are not satisfied, then I am not satisfied either. I will gladly refund your money within 30-days

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee 

I know this course will absolutely help you. However, if you for some reason you did not find it valuable or you simply did not like the course, then I am happy to refund your money. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose! Just send me an e-mail and I'll take good care of you. - David Vignola

Your Coach: David Vignola

I specialize in teaching beginners the craft of recording, mixing, and mastering music in the home studio environment and in a non-technical way.

I take you step-by-step and give you a simple-to-follow process. I am here to relieve all your frustrations and make your experience of working in your home studio an enjoyable one! 

A little about me: I have been a professional mixing engineer since the mid-'90s and have mixed hundreds of songs for clients all over the world. Since 2014, I have been teaching home recording musicians aspiring audio engineers of all experience levels how to set up and use their home studios effectively. 

“This course was super helpful and informative. I never heard of using parallel compression in the way that David teaches but it really works! I will never do another mix with out using it. Great Webinar David”
— Volle Band

Working Band

“Fantastic course! I have used parallel compression in the past but never got great results. After follow along with David's course I now understand what i was missing and my mixes sound 25% better. It was like the icing on the cake. Thanks David! you have a new student for life ”
— Jordan 

Mixing Engineer



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