Presonus Studio One V6 Beginners Guide

For Studio One Prime, Artist, Professional & Sphere Versions 4 - 6

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In-Depth Studio One Mastery

Universal Compatibility

Versatility Across Versions

Are You Struggling With Getting Started With Presonus Studio One?

Struggling to Navigate Studio One?

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Presonus Studio One V6 Beginners Guide

For Studio One Prime, Artist, Professional & Sphere Versions 4 - 6

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Extensive Training Content

Access 5 hours and 28 videos covering crucial Studio One topics, from the Start Page to advanced features like MIDI to Audio conversion.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Benefit from a course designed to seamlessly function on both Mac and PC systems, ensuring accessibility for users of all platforms.

Versatility Across Studio One Versions

Suitable for Studio One Prime, Artist, Professional, and Presonus Sphere accommodating users at various levels with compatibility from version 3.0 to 6.0 and beyond.

Quick Installation and Setup Insights

Learn the necessary functions to swiftly install Studio One and set it up, providing a quick and efficient start to your Studio One journey.

In-Depth Understanding of Studio One Features

Gain a deep understanding of Studio One's features, including the Browser, Inspector, Console, Tool Bar, and Plugin Manager, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge.

Tailored for All Studio One Users

Whether you're a Studio One Prime, Artist, Professional, or Presonus Sphere user, this course is crafted to enhance your skills, offering valuable insights for various Studio One versions and user levels.

Your Coach: David Vignola

I specialize in teaching beginners the craft of recording, mixing, and mastering music in the home studio environment and in a non-technical way.

I take you step-by-step and give you a simple-to-follow process. I am here to relieve all your frustrations and make your experience of working in your home studio an enjoyable one! 

A little about me: I have been a professional mixing engineer since the mid-'90s and have mixed hundreds of songs for clients all over the world. Since 2014, I have been teaching home recording musicians aspiring audio engineers of all experience levels how to set up and use their home studios effectively. 

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Presonus Studio One V6 Beginners Guide

Only $117

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