Intermediate / Advanced Training Courses

If you have at least 6 months of experience and have taken my beginners courses, then you are ready to start with the courses on this page.


Mixing Advanced 3-Pack

This training course is only for those who want to take their mixes from an amateur to a professional level. The three courses that are in this advanced pack will teach you things that most pro-level mixing engineers would never show you.

NOTE - Coupon Codes do not apply to this course pack. Regular Price $290


Mixing Made Easy Vol 2 Advanced

Take your mixes to an entirely new level & sound radio-ready! Over 6 hours of video training. Audio files included. I show you the "inside" tips & secrets

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Mixing Made Easy Vol 3

See two engineers mix the same song. One is using only stock plugins and the other is using only 3rd party plugins. Two different approaches and two great mixes.

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Mixing Made Easy Vol 4 / Plugins

"The Battle of the Plugins". Watch me mix a song twice from start to finish. Once using only stock plugins & once using 3rd party plugins. Which sounds better? You Decide!

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Mixing with Analog Style Plugins

Learn how to turn your digital audio workstation into an analog mixing studio. Over 20 hours of training including audio files for you to follow along and mix the song with me. Do not buy another plugin until you watch this course.

$97 - Click For More Info

The Power of Parallel Compression

Taken from my LIVE training webinar in 2018. Learn the concept & techniques of using parallel compression to add depth, punch, warmth, and vibe to your mix Perfect for someone with no experience in using parallel compression.

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The Mixing Master Class

The Mixing Master Class is for students that are ready to start mixing at a pro-level! If you want to start earning money for your mixing skills then the master class is for you. Over 20 hours of training and lots of free bonus items inside. Click the button and check it out. 

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Be Sure To Check Out Mixing Made

To develop your mixing skills even further check out my new mixing membership website


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