Acoustic Treatment Is The Least Sexy Thing But It's Important

in the studio Feb 24, 2020

I must get three e-mails per month from people who are frustrated because their mixes do not translate outside of their studio. The e-mails go something like this…

“Hi, David – I have a question. I have been mixing for about a year and I am having a terrible time getting my mixes to sound good on a variety of different sources (ie. car, i-pod, hi-fi system etc.) I work on a mix for days and get it to sound perfect in my studio and as soon as I bring it to another sound source the entire mix falls apart. What am I doing wrong here?”

When I receive an e-mail like this the very first thing I ask is:

“What type of acoustic treatment do you have in your mixing space”?

Most time the response is either “none” or “I have a few panels of foam on the front wall behind my speakers”. Here is where the issue lies.

We are all so caught up on the latest vintage/analog plugins, outboard gear, the latest DAW, etc.,  that we forget...

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