How Do I Go About Getting New Clients? Here Are 5 Tips

studio business Mar 30, 2020

 Ok, this time I am going to address the question I receive ALL THE TIME from people who are just starting out as a home studio owner and/or someone who has been in business for a short while and are doing ok but want to grow and get more business. I am going to share with you a handful of tips that I have used over the years that have worked for me, to the point where now I get about 70% of my work from referrals / word of mouth in my area. I know there are far more great tips than what I am about to write here, so please chime in and leave a comment below if you have an idea or tip that has worked for you personally.

 1. Build a professional-looking website.  This seems pretty obvious but I will tell you that in my home state, when I first started out, the very first thing I did was research all of the recording studios in my state and let me tell you how piss-poor 98% of the websites that I found. They were basic at best and looked very armature. Almost...

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Is Doing Work For FREE Really the Way To Attract Clients?

studio business Mar 02, 2020

I have discussed this topic with many of my private students over the years. Here is the basic question I receive a lot.

“I am a new recording engineer and I offer my services for free and I can’t seem to get any takers, any advice”?

I always answer this question with a question. I’ll ask my student, “are you constantly meeting and interacting with musicians on a regular basis and no one needs to have any recording done or did you simply put up a Facebook post or two and you are waiting for clients to find you?"

When you are new to this game I know it can be difficult and sometimes intimidating to put yourself out there but in this game, especially at the beginning, it’s all about self-promotion. At least until you are at a level where past clients will do a lot of the promotion to other artists for you.

Here is how I would tell you to start. Make sure you have a portfolio of examples of your work that people can listen too. If you were to walk up...

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Gear - What Do I "NEED" vs What Would I "LIKE"

studio business Feb 03, 2020

Ok, the last post I started to lay the foundation for you to start thinking about getting started with your own recording studio business. Hopefully, you started to create your business plans. Have You? Why not? This is important and cannot be overlooked. So stop reading this right now and finish your homework!! As I said in the last post, it does not need to be anything fancy or complex. A simple list of start-up and monthly costs will do for now. Refer to the last post for all the details.

For those of you who have done your assignment and are ready to move on….. This time I want to focus on the gear and what you “NEED” to have vs what you “WOULD LIKE” to have. Now keep in mind that this blog focuses on mainly the beginner audio engineer/mixer engineer. We realize that that is the majority of my audience even though I know that there are more experienced guys/gals reading this. So with that in mind, let me first say something...

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So You Want to Own Your Own Recording Studio?

studio business Jan 27, 2020

Hello Everyone! Welcome to My Blog! 

I get asked all the time by musicians & aspiring audio engineers that have dabbled in doing some of their own recordings, how do I break into the recording studio business? What are the first steps to making money and how do I go about getting clients? Well, those questions are not that straight forward to answer and I could spend hours explaining it. There are so many things to consider and think about before you ever take on your first client.

I thought the best way to help people with this would be to break this down into several different topics and every week or two add a new post to give you some new information to absorb and think about. This way you can start constructing a plan and begin your journey to becoming an owner of a professional recording studio……if that is something you really want to do! I know everything below may seem obvious but I can tell you that I have seen several recording studios in my area...

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