So You Want to Own Your Own Recording Studio?

studio business Jan 27, 2020

Hello Everyone! Welcome to My Blog! 

I get asked all the time by musicians & aspiring audio engineers that have dabbled in doing some of their own recordings, how do I break into the recording studio business? What are the first steps to making money and how do I go about getting clients? Well, those questions are not that straight forward to answer and I could spend hours explaining it. There are so many things to consider and think about before you ever take on your first client.

I thought the best way to help people with this would be to break this down into several different topics and every week or two add a new post to give you some new information to absorb and think about. This way you can start constructing a plan and begin your journey to becoming an owner of a professional recording studio……if that is something you really want to do! I know everything below may seem obvious but I can tell you that I have seen several recording studios in my area...

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